meet layton. 6 days new and as laid back as they come… he was a perfect angel the entire time. i couldn’t get enough of his blonde hair and his little half-smile. he didn’t want to give up a giant grin, but gave me just enough i think. mom was a saint and actually took a nap while layton was modeling. i wish more moms would take a moment like this for themselves; they’ll need it later! enjoy your sneak peek ‘m’ family!

5 day old alec was my knight in baby-smooth armor. i needed a newborn to test out the new studio and alec came to the rescue. he stayed in his poses perfectly but it was a fight to keep his hands from balling into a fist. this sweet boy was my first newborn in south carolina and after the arrival of my own bundle due on st. patty’s day, i hope to see a lot more of the area’s fresh faces. enjoy your sneak peek ‘w’ family!

well, we are signing off for a few months as we make our way to south carolina. we have loved every moment of our time in indiana. it’s the place my husband and i met, married, and had our gorgeous baby girl. we will miss all the little things some people take for granted: family (first and foremost), small town life, and, believe it or not, cornfields. we are moving from a place where people would wave as you passed, the town butcher knew your name, and life always seemed to slow down at dinner time so we could enjoy each other’s company before a new day began.

new memories are to be made and a new life is waiting for us in simpsonville, south carolina. my family and i look forward to spending more quality time together, taking long weekend trips camping or to the beach, and enjoying all that south carolina has to offer. we will still root for the hoosiers and make trips back for bengals games, but are excited for the possibilities in this new area. greenville, which is only 15 minutes north of simpsonville, is a family-centered city that offers many conveniences and luxuries we otherwise wouldn’t be able to partake in living in the rural parts of indiana. we can’t wait to explore and i can’t wait to photograph the wonderful new families we will surely meet in the months ahead.

i said it before, but i love this kid. his wispy blonde hair gets me every time. i met the h family at a pumpkin festival complete with a corn maze and apple cider slushies. dylan was having a good time getting dirty like little boys are supposed to do and we let him enjoy the taste of dirt for just a moment:)mr. d has one of the most serious baby faces i know, but smiles freely at the sound of mom & dad’s voices (and the silly faces they were making behind the scenes). the hayride gave us some gorgeous light and the pumpkins couldn’t have been a more perfect color of orange. oh, how i love fall! enjoy your sneak peek ‘h’ family!

meet 5 days new isaac. he made his momma look gorgeous in her maternity session so i was confident this session would be easy-as-pie. this handsome man wanted nothing to do with modeling – but he’s on the right track to bigger and better things with his awesome and loving parents. i won him over with a few snuggles and some warm air, but never did manage to get a smile out of him. this stinker sure is cute though – i mean, look at those lips! enjoy your sneak peak ‘h’ family!

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